How to List Your Digital Products on the Sells Rocket Marketplace as a Vendor

The Sells Rocket marketplace is only for high value digital products and in order to keep it that way,
there are certain conditions that products listed on the marketplace need to meet.
step 01

Sign Up

In order to list your products on the Sells Rocket marketplace as a vendor, the first thing is for you to read our terms and conditions about operating as a Vendor on Sells Rocket. Click here to read our terms and conditions.

step 02

Set Up Account & Add Your Product

Once you have read the terms and conditions and you are satisfied with it, the next thing is to open an account on Sells Rocket, where you will pay N10,000. Then Update your account information so that we will know what kind of business you are into.

Then it is highly important that the product you are listing is your ORIGINAL product.

We do not allow vendors to list products they have resale rights to or any product they don't originally own.

The vendor registration fee is N10,000, and it is NOT refundable.
Once you have created your vendor account, make sure you create your Sales Page.
Then add your product on Sells Rocket and wait for approval before it is made available to affiliates marketplace.

The Approval should be ready in 2 weeks or less (Depending on the product).

step 03

Product Approval

Basically, The detailed we need you to add are:
(a) The URL for the product's sales page (We can't list a product with no sales page. We also advise that you hire a good copywriter to create the sales copy for your product if you can't do it)
(a) Access to the product's delivery system so that we can verify if it is simple enough for buyers and also check out product quality.
(b) The percentage you intend to pay affiliates for each copy sold. (Note that affiliates go for products that benefit them the most)
(c) Three (3) Cover Designs for your product promotion and listing.
(d) Your customer support information where buyers of your product can easily reach someone to help them if they have any issue with your product.


For your product to be approved, you'll need to:

  • >>> Have proof that your product has worked for you as the course creator, OR
  • >>> Proof that it has worked for other people - your students or mentees AND
  • >>> A support group for the new student who will get your product.
These 3 conditions are COMPULSORY.
And you need to submit everything to the email address here:
Then you'll wait for a reply to know if we need more information about your product or if it's approved or not.
step 04

Get Paid

Sells Rocket collects the payments on your behalf, pays the affiliate and delivers the product to the buyer.
Sells Rocket charges 5% of the product cost.
So, if your product is N25,000, Sells Rocket charges just N1,250.
And We have a 30-day refund policy on all products.
Vendors are paid once in two weeks on Saturdays.

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